BoostNBlend Hair Thickening Fibres 22grams - 8 Great Colours to choose from!

BOOSTNBLEND is the first hair thickening fibre product developed by women specifically for women. It is not a men's product repurposed for women.

BOOSTNBLEND is the latest in NEW technology super volumising microfibres.

NEW super volumising microfibres developed for women with thinning hair.

BOOSTNBLEND is less likely to irritate and clings super well to fine hair giving great coverage. Some of our ladies find they wash their hair less often as it soaks up oils and provides a greater volume boost.

Apply BOOSTNBLEND hair-like fibres by simply shaking them on to your hair at the roots. Just turn the bottle upside down, shake, blend in with your fingertips and see the difference. 

For years men have been working on products to cover up their thinning hair. Up till now, there hasn't been a product specifically developed by women for women. All our colours are specifically designed to match female hair colours. It took an Australian woman suffering hair loss to come up with the idea and develop the product!

There are lots of surgical and non-surgical treatments and you may have tried them all or are planning to. The good news is BOOSTNBLEND can be used in conjunction with most hair loss treatments and is especially useful while you are undergoing treatment and waiting for the results.

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