NEW Neofollics Stimulating Shampoo 250ml

NEW Neofollics Shampoo contains an effective, clinically proven combination of active ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. In addition, it nourishes the scalp and hair.

The shampoo is dermatologically tested and only contains ingredients that are mild and safe. Therefore it is free of SLS and other sulfates, silicones and parabens.

Active ingredients:

  • Piroctone olamine
  • Ecklonia cava
  • Caffeine
  • Raspberry ketone
  • Niacinamide (vitamin B3)
  • Argan oil
  • Sanguisorba officinalis
  • EGCG
  • Panax ginseng
  • Carthamus tinctorius
  • Fenugreek
  • Wild mint

How to use:

Wash the hair with a small amount of shampoo and rinse with water to remove the first impurities. Apply a generous amount of shampoo and gently massage it into the scalp. Leave the shampoo on the scalp for 3 minutes, to ensure that the active ingredients are absorbed well. Rinse thoroughly.

Suitable for daily use. Use at least 3 times per week for the best results.

Initial effects can be seen after a few months. Continue the treatment in order to maintain the results.

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